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Serralunga d'Alba


300 metres above sea level.

M.G.A. :




Soil type:

marl and abundant limestone

Average age of vineyards:

10 years

This could be the most famous and historic vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba. With only 10 hectares of fully south exposed vineyard, and of an altitude of 300-350 MASL of limestone soil.

We were able to purchase from Aldo and Tommaso Canale 0.5 hectare in the historic part of Vignarionda in 2010. In 2012 we went ahead and replanted the vineyard to have the same massale selection as the other vineyards we have in Serralunga. The 2014 vintage was our first harvest and we have decided to put this wine on the market as a Langhe Nebbiolo even if it was vinified in the same process as a Barolo, from the 2015 vintage this wine will then be ready to become Barolo Vigna Rionda.

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