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Serralunga d'Alba


from about 330 - 370 metres above sea level

M.G.A. :




Soil type:

clay-limestone interspersed

with thin layers of sand

Average age of vineyards:

45 years 

Prapò is a microzone of about 9 hectares that in origin was part of the Bricco (top) part of the Cerretta hill. In 2009 they decided to differentiate this part of the vineyard when they were making the boundaries for the MGA (mention of geographic origin adjoined). The soils are a base of limestone with sporadic veins of sandstone, which in the wine expresses warm spices, red mature fruits, and the part of the tannins are evident but well balanced.

In this vineyard is situated our winery as well as 2 hectare of vineyards that permit the production of about 7,000 bottles coming from vines that are around 45 years old.

Vigneto Prapò
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