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Serralunga d'Alba


from about 320 - 360 metres above sea level

M.G.A. :




Soil type:

limestone and marl with small amounts of sand

Average age of vineyards:

90 years

The Lazzarito denomination is found in the land register as early as 1610 where its name derives from the presence of the Lazaretto in remote times.

This MGA (mention of geographic origin adjoined) extends to about 30 hectares with an altitude of about 350 MASL, in which ours is about one hectare with a south west exposure that enjoys the afternoon sun. Our vineyard here are the oldest vines we have that were planted in 1931. The calcareous and marly soil which contains some veins of ferrous sandstone, thanks to the bordering area of “Sandstone of Diano” which gives the wine a silky and persistent tannin, a brilliant color of ruby with a fine body and elegance. Because of this combination we have decided to use these grapes that come from this vineyard for the Riserva.

Vigneto Lazzarito
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