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Surface area:

about 12 hectares


from about 500 - 550 metres above sea level



Soil type:

silt, limestone and very stony

Average age of vineyards:

20-25 years

The word Cigliè is coming from the Latin Ciliarum which indicates and derives from the topographical location that sees it positioned on a high ridge overlooking the Tanaro river. Cigliè rises on a hill to the right of the Tanaro rive at 549 MASL. The soils of the municipality are characterized by moraine deposits and calcareous and arenaceous marls. Precisely for this reason the stoniness and altitude we imagine that there were good conditions fo cultivating vines traditionally for cold climates suitable for producing white and sparking wines. Since 1996 in the hamlet of Montiglio we have begun to experiment with Chardonnay and Riesling Renano on a plot of about 0.7 hectares. In the following years other vineyards were planted with the purchase of new land and today we have about 10 hectares cultivated with Chardonnay, Riesling, Nascetta, and Pinot Nero. From which we obtain our white wines and Alta Langa DOCG Classic Method.

Vigneto Cigliè - Alta Langa
Vigneto Cigliè
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