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Serralunga d'Alba


from about 350 - 400 metres above sea level

M.G.A. :




Soil type:

clay-limestone with high concentration of active lime

Average age of vineyards:

50 years

The Cerretta hill sits on the norther part of the Serralunga d’Alba commune, with a south-east exposition and an altitude of 350-400 MASL. The total surface space of this MGA (mention of geographic origin adjoined) is a total of 40 hectares, with a soil structure mainly of limestone coming from the Marls of Sant’Agata Fossils, the backbone which gives the wine an exceptional power and longevity. The vineyards which has undergone our selection has about 50 year old vines on a surface of 6 hectares, which were almost all grafted by my father Ettore who has chosen also the best vines to propagate.

Vigneto Cerretta
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