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four generations of men in love with their vineyard

Barolo hills, the family land area has gradually tripled over time, reaching today 10 hectares in Serralunga d’alba and 9 hectares in Cigliè located in the Alta Langa.

Sergio’s great-grandfather Francesco and his grandfather Alberto mainly took care in the vineyards and sales of the their grapes. Which was the predominant trade in the area at that time, giving it to wine producers but also to individuals who were making only very few quantities for their own home consumption, and of course to some good friends.

50s / 70’s

the happy intuition of Ettore Germano

My father Ettore Germano, who passes in 2005, was the founder of the brand, had the happy intuition to also thank my mother Rosanna who amplified the activity from the mere viticulture to the wine production.  Growing up in the vineyard he developed a great sense to become a skillful grafter and feel the need to restore the vineyards in the 1960’s, with a selection of vines grafted by himself. Sparse bunches, small berries, with a crisp skin suited to produce wine quality and less sensitive to certain pests.

In 1964 Ettore then married Rosanna Porro, and together they continued to work the vineyards, buying some plots of land bordering the property, not ever to imagine that one day this hectare of Prapò inside the Cerretta hill, would then obtain a Geographical mention in 2009. A cru like that of the historical Cerretta. In 1975 the winery Ettore Germano was founded and the vinification and bottling became more consistent and the fist small trade of a few hectoliters was sold to private customers and friends.

The new millennium: the year 2000

The growth of the winery in the heads of Sergio Germano

The first great change was in 1985.
Me, Sergio from the year of 1965 after finishing the school of enology in Alba, and after a few experiences in three important wineries in the area I continued to help out my father in his activity to help contribute to the conversion of the family farm to a full fledge winery. In 1988 the first 5,000 bottles between Barolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera, were then placed on the marked together with a small production of Chardonnay. However, the turning point came in 1993 when all the grapes produced were vilified and bottled. In 1995 in Serralunga about two hectares of Cerretta and we start with our challenge to produce white wines in Alta Langa, plantain the first vineyards of Chardonnay, Thenish Reisling in Cigliè.

In 1997 Sergio Germano marries Elena Bonnelli who has given a great support in the winery to help with the organization of the administrative work as well as the hospitality in the winery. The family then starts to grow with the joy of birth of two children: Elia born in 1998 and Maria born in 2001.

In the next few years we are able to purchase another hectare in the vineyards of Prapò, Lazzarito, and Pradone (a parcel of Lazzarito) and also another parcel in Cerretta. In 2010 my mother inherited from her cousin Tommaso Canale half of a hectare in the most historic and famous vineyard of Serralunga d’Alba Vigna Rionda.


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