It is a question of family

Ettore Germano

A farm that is the story of our family

The family is for us the traditions and experience of the farmers, the understanding from our fathers.

A strength of our small farm is that we have a deep knowledge like that of our own vines. The ability to cure maniacally what natures grants and the awareness that new technologies and professional skills help to improve the life of the farmer and the quality of the final product without losing sight of the laws of nature that remain unchanged in time.

Always having a respect for the territory the “diligence of a good family man” that cultivates to produce while keeping intact the characteristics fo the individual vines, preserving the diversity of aromas and the complexity that each individual vineyard expresses.

Passion, tradition, but also….evolution! These are the keywords of our journey.

The Staff

We desire that all of our collaborators feel actively a part of our farm. Imbedded in the grains like us in all of the phases of the various jobs, in a way to elaborate together our strategies that allow these operations in harmony, security, and professionally to obtain the best possible results.

Everyone is important and to make their contribution to the success of our wines and we thank them for their commitment to the challenge that arises every harvest.

This is why we are proud to introduce you…

The staff


The big boss


administrative coordinator and hospitality in the winery


administrative and hospitality


Winemaker and technician coordinator of the winery


Winemaker and collaborator in the winery


Quality control and analysis


Vineyard manager


Warehouse and labeling line manager


Vineyard specialist


Vineyard specialist


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The winery is open for visits all year by appointment only.
The tour consists of a tasting with a visit to the winery and also to the surrounding vineyards.

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