ettore germano - vino rosso langhe nebbiolo

The wine is made from the grapes produced by youngvines,and is vinified in stainless steel. The fruitis hand-picked into small boxes; after the being destemmed and crushed, the must ferments for 3-4 days with the skins at around 75°F, to extract color and some tannins, then the wine is drained off and finishes fermetation without the skins. The malolactic is completed, the wine is racked several times, and the bottling takes place the following summer. It’s released in September.

Tasting note: ruby red of medium intensity with garnet glints. On the nose the wine shows fresh fruit, cherry, and floral notes (violet).In the mouth, the entry is full and warm, the tannins are round with a hint of astringency that cleans the mouth and on the finish the retronasal aromas are very persistent

Serving suggestions: To be served with hot antipasti,first courses and lighter main courses.

Langhe Nebbiolo

TYPOLOGY: Langhe DOC, Nebbiolo

AREA: 1.5 hectars

STRUCTURE: 100% Nebbiolo

YEAR OF PLANT: 2000-2003 - 2010


EXPOSURE: SE/SO, 370-400 mt. s.l.m.

LAND: marl and limestone

YIELD: 9 tons per hectar (3,5 tons per acre)


HARVEST: at the middle of october

FERMENTATION: Short (4-5 days) skins contact during the fermentation, several rackings, and the wine completes its maturation in steel tanks and is bottled in the summer.