ettore germano - vino rosso barolo cerretta

The grapes are hand-harvested into small boxes, destemmed and crushed, and fermented with the skins for 25-30 days, with daily pumpovers to extract color and tannins. After draining off the wine is aged for at least two years in French oak barrels, mostly of 700 liters, 20% new and the rest from 2-4 years old. After 15-18 months of aging in the bottle the wine is ready forrelease.

Tasting notes: intense garnet red, with faint orange glints; the aroma is of ripe fruit and vanilla, which after a few years in the bottle evolve into leather, tobacco, and dark chocolate, still redolent of berries. The wine is full on the palate, with solid tannins (rounded out by aging in smaller barrels) that leave the mouth clean; the finish is long and intense.

Serve with flavorful main courses, game, or aged cheeses. Perfect after dinner as a meditation wine’ with nuts and cheese

Barolo Cerretta

TYPOLOGY: Barolo DOCG, Cerretta

AREA: 3.2 hectars

STRUCTURE: 100% Nebbiolo

YEAR OF PLANT: 1978 - 1995


EXPOSURE: S/SE, 350-370 mt. s.l.m.

LAND: limestone-rich

YIELD: 6,5 tons per hectar (2,8 tons per acre)


HARVEST: at the second half of october

FERMENTATION: for 35 days with skins, the wine is then transferred in 700 liters French oak barrels not toasted and left there to mature for 24 months.